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Regulations Update Services LLC provides companies like yours with tailored volumes of the Code of Federal Regulations. If your company is required to abide by any federal regulatory codes, then we can REDUCE YOUR COSTS by providing you with accurate, current, and tailored products - we sift through all the regulations so you don't have to!

About Our Company

The government makes changes to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) DAILY. This is where we help! Everyday we review the changes and update our products with the latest changes. Instead of having to review separate change pages referencing the original CFR, our product provides you with a single source to locate regulations and all changes.

Each month you will receive an Email or CD-ROM with ALL REGULATORY CHANGES HIGHLIGHTED IN RED and books that provide HYPERTEXT capabilities. Our hypertext feature is pervasive throughout every document and not just a table of contents like most competing products. Our products are highly regarded throughout the industry because specialists like you, who have a keen understanding of regulatory requirements, develop our publications. Our products cover the DOT, EPA and the NRC, just to name a few. Please give us a call today!